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Wedding event song suggestions

Many couples often encounter difficulties when it comes to deciding on the songs they want to be played during their wedding reception. Thus, it is important to have a rough idea of the kind of music that you wish to be heard on that day. Aside from selecting songs for the first dance, entrance, and other important events, it is also wise to give your DJ a few additional songs so your Colorado Springs wedding reception will be as exciting as possible! James is here to ensure that you are provided with the greatest possible choices so that your special day is truly extraordinary.

Mother & Son Wedding Songs

Father & Daughter Wedding Songs

Wedding Dance Party Songs

Romantic Songs

First Dance Songs

Proposed Wedding Reception Agenda

  1. Soft music played as wedding party arrives
  2. Announce bride and groom arrival and entrance.
  3. Soft music continues through dinner
  4. First dance for bride and groom
  5. Second dance for father and bride
  6. Third dance for mother and groom
  7. Fourth dance parents of the bride and groom
  8. Money Dance
  9. Pre-selected music played throughout reception
  10. Cake cutting
  11. Champagne toast to the bride and groom
  12. Throwing of the bouquet
  13. Garter removal
  14. Throwing of the garter
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